New York-Presbyterien/Lower Manhattan Cancer Center

NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Cancer CenterLocation: New York, NY
Size: 16,500 square feet
Project Type: Health Systems Planning, Interior Design and New Construction

Jeffrey Berman Architect provided site search services including initial property reviews and presentations to building owners as well as planning and design services for the new facility. The two high energy ELEKTA linear accelerators require vaults weighing 2 million pounds each to be built on their own independent foundations into the ground floor tenant space of an office building at 21 West Broadway in Lower Manhattan The spa-like treatment center, with spacious private dressing rooms, a flora aquarium, and high-end furniture and finishes, is the first radiation oncology center in New York using state-of-the-art Elekta Volumeteric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT).

NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Ambulatory Diagnostic Radiology
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size: 9,000 square feet
Project Type: New Facility

The program included an MR, CT, general X-ray and fluoroscopy and ultrasound.  A segregated area was provided for ultrasound and mammography.  The program provided comfortable, small-scale waiting and reception areas with appropriate private dressing and private gowned waiting areas. The planning for the project supported the replacement of all equipment with no downtime or loss of revenue. The relocations to make room for the project created a new in-patient registration and receiving suite to manage discharges, scheduling, check-in and bed assignment.