Lincoln Park Association in conjunction with Leadership Newark,

NJNOMA put together a proposal to present to stakeholders to obtain funding for the construction of a new mix-use residential retail at the exiting historical landmark site. The plan is to keep the façade intact however the need for structural reinforcement is inevitable. Also, the client would like to use secondhand shipping containers and steel framing. This will be a huge project for the city of Newark and we have the unique opportunity to create an initial design for projects as well as potential growth and connection to the community. Creating this proposal was an all-volunteer time. Once the funding came into play the Leadership Newark organization became the consultant.

–        Review site and soil bearing capacity. (By Lincoln Park Association)

–        Check for zoning restrictions. (By NJNOMA)

–        Determine the maximum budget. (By Leadership Newark)

–        Review site servicing requirements. (By Lincoln Park Association)

–        Determine the binding code and review. (By NJNOMA)

–        Determine the required professional Architectural services. (By NJNOMA)

–        Prepare project budget. (By Leadership Newark once we are in DD phase)

–        Detail all program requirements – number of bedrooms, baths, home office, etc and determine the rough square footage of each. (By NJNOMA)

–        Develop schematic design – including container massing configuration, floor plans, and elevations. (By NJNOMA)

–        Locate local or regional shipping container re-sellers and shops capable of performing modifications and interior fit-outs. (By NJNOMA, Lincoln Park Association)

NJNOMA ROLE: We will supply the architectural components such as plans, sections, elevation, interior, and exterior renderings. We will treat this as a community project for the approval after it is been approved, NJNOMA will act as a consultant to whichever firm picking up the project. (Hopefully one of ours)

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